With an estimated 70 million dogs and cats struggling to survive in the United States and countless more in war torn countries, Wags is a not-for-profit, pet supply B-corporation which offers toys, equipment, and home goods. Wags provides a medium through which customers are given the opportunity to enrich the lives of animals in need around the globe through our People-for-Paws program and to sponsor an animal through our buddy box system. By extending outreach and raising awareness of the effects of wars and abandonment on pets, we are providing a helping paw to pets and a helping hand to the hearts of animal lovers.

Wags is determined to be a medium for the spread of awareness, enrichment, and outreach for the countless animals suffering from insufficient supplies in animal shelters and war-torn countries alike. Wags gives customers the opportunity to make a difference by contributing to the proliferation of this goal throughout the world by offering security, comfort, and engagement with our Buddy Box. Wags’ Buddy Box contains six Wags products (which the customer selects) that will be sent to an animal in need. With our Buddy Box, Wags hopes to spread a light in the lives of those who contribute to this mission and the lives of countless pets.

Please consider donating a Buddy Box, the products in the box will be donated to shelter animals in need of more support.